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Stevens Engineering, Inc.

Workholding Solutions

Welcome to Stevens Engineering,Inc.
We manufacture workholding accessories
for Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers. The STEVENS Modular Fixturing
System includes hundreds of components designed to make workholding faster and more accurate.

Subplates for Vertical

Subplates for Horizontal


Modular Vise

Softbrick Vise

'Short' Softbrick Vise

Accessory Kit

Custom Fixturing with Manual Clamping

Custom Fixturing with Hydraulic Clamping and Robot Loading

Turnkey Solutions

*NEW Adjustable Sine-Plate Adapter for Rotary Tables

*NEW SoftBrick Tombstone

*NEW Self-Centering Vise for 5-Axis Applications

*NEW Vibration Damping


- Accuracy

Sets industry standards for highest accuracy and repeatability. Pull dowels inserted into jig-bored and bushed holes accurately position and align components, eliminating the need to indicate or probe.

- Ease of Use

The STEVENS System uses 1/2 - 13 cap screws and 1/2" pull dowels.  All components work together to build setups efficiently.

- Versatility

Standard grid pattern ideal for either dedicated fixtures or all-modular setups.
- CAD Setups Design and validate workpiece fixturing using your CAD or CAD\CAM system and the STEVENS CAD Library.

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