Rest Pad Bases

Used to establish height locations either individually or in combination with other accessories.
  • 6 different shank lengths enables accurate setting of any height rest surface when used with Stevens Shims.
  • Threaded hole on top receives Stevens Rest Pads and Toggle Rest Pads in various shapes and sizes.
  • Height from shoulder to top surface (.125in. dimension) is precisely qualified.
  • Material: Alloy steel, case hardened to 60Rc.

(10222-2 shown)

Rest pad bases may be used as secondary or tertiary locators by mounting against other qualified edges: Utility Blocks or Angle Plates.

Rest Pad Bases are used in combination with Shims (Part No.10226) to establish desired qualifed heights.

Greater qualified rest heights can be achieved by mounting Rest Pad Bases on Risers (Part No.20097) or Threaded Hole Risers (Part No.10171).

Threaded hole in top of Rest Pad Bases allow use of smaller or specialized Rest Pads (Part No.10223 - 10224).