Stevens Subplates
Primary Table Tooling

  • Stevens Subplates set the industry standard for accuracy and versatility. Save 15 minutes to 2 hours on every fixture setup. Subplates pay for themselves in 20-50 setups.
  • Jig-bored bushed holes and threaded holes form the basic Stevens pattern for mounting modular accessories.
  • Subplate is permanently aligned to machine axes and becomes an accurate reference for machine setups. Accuracy of grid eliminates the need for incicating or probing.
  • Stevens Subplates are precision ground to a parallelism of .0005" per 40".
  • Counterbored clearance holes to fit the T-slot or threeaded hole pattern on any make and model of milling machine are included.

  • Shapes and sizes of subplates are available to fit virtually any make or model of milling machine. Specify the make and model of machine when ordering subplates.
  • Select Standard Duty or Heavy Duty:
1/2-13 threads on 1.25" centers
1/2" bushings on 5" centers
1.4" subplate thickness
3/4-10 threads on 2" centers
3/4" bushings on 8" centers
1.65" subplate thickness
See our Subplate Selection by Machine Manufacturer section for pricing information.

Vertical Machining Centers
Subplate alignment to the machine axes is generally done with an indicator in the machine spindle by refrerencing two Subplate bushings. Additional locating features for positioning Subplates are available if desired. Subplates are available in one piece up to 120" x 40". Larger areas are covered by multi-section.
Horizontal Machining Centers
Subplate locating features to match machine pallet locators are recommended to simplify positioning and alignment of Subplates on horizontal mills.

EDM Machines
Stevens Subplates and accessories are ideal for ram-type EDM machines. Stevens Chip Plugs are recommended to keep debris aout of threaded holes and bushed holes in Subplate.
Subplate Accessories
Chip Plugs - Threaded
Chip Plugs for Bushings
Precision Pull Dowels
Pull Dowel Extractor
Installation Kit

Subplate Options
Coolant Return Trough
is recommended on knee type mills using glood coolant. Trough allows for return of coolant to the sump. Chip filter screens are included.
High Density, or bushings on 2.500" centers
With a bushing on every other hole it is possible to get finer adjustments for fixture placement. Some of our accessories like the 20251 Short Softbrick Vise use the high density pattern.
'C' Series Pattern
is a lower cost alternative to the basic pattern because of fewer threaded holes. This pattern is used for quick mounting of dedicated fixtures, project plates, and some accessories. It is not suitable for building fixtures with modular setup components
Riser Subplates
are used on machines used mainly for flat, low-profile work that needs to be raised closer to the spindle nose. Riser section may be integral with Subplate or may be removable if Subplat is also to be used in its standard thickness.
Alphanumeric Address Marking
is available as an option onall Stevens Subplates. Deep-etched letters and numbers facilitate documenting location of locators and clamps for future duplication of setups.
Match Grinding
Multiple Subplates used on machines with pallet changers should be ordered match ground unless machine control is capable of storing pallet offsets independently.

Unilock Subplate
Using Big Kaiser's zero point clamping system to hold tombstones or fixture plates. For use in either horizontal or vertical applications. All plumbing is contained in channels underneath the plate for Un-clamp and if needed, the Turbo function. Quick connect fittings protrude at the edge of the plate in a place which is convenient. Manual or solinoid air valves can also be supplied.

If you don't see the model you are looking for please contact STEVENS ENGINEERING
Purchases and requests for formal quotes should be made through your local STEVENS dealer