About Stevens Engineering, Inc.

- Our Mission
Stevens Engineering, Inc. is singularly devoted to the design and manufacture of workholding accessories for horizontal and vertical machining centers.
- History
The Stevens Modular Fixturing System got its start over fourty years ago when our own shop was competing for jobs in the aircraft parts industry. The development of the Stevens grid system for precisely locating parts and fixtures on subplates enabled us to successfully specialize in short-run production. Fourty years ago, the word "Modular" was being applied to the new concepts of "Modular Furniture" and "Modular Housing".  Our engineers were the first to coin the term "Modular Tooling" (later changed to "Modular Fixturing") to describe the fixturing system that they were introducing to a rapidly growing customer base.

The Stevens System as introduced in 1977.
- Achievements
We have been the U.S. leader in Modular Fixturing for over 30 years and are dedicated to helping you make Modular Fixturing a success at your manufacturing facility. STEVENS products are manufactured and stocked in our Phoenix, Arizona facility.  Our products may be purchased through machinery dealers and specialty distributors.
The current 76 page product catalog and application guide.
- Engineering Support
Application Assistance / Fixturing Services. Stevens will recommend a fixturing package suited to your specific types of workpieces. From standard modular compontents to complex mechanical and electromechanical designs Stevens engineers will work with you thruough the use of emails, trading files, and Go-To-Meeting for real time imagery of 3d designs as they are developed. It saves much time and is more accurate to use 3D models of the workpieces to be held that are delivered to us by the customer. The cad system we use Solidworks, so our prefered file format for recieving customer workpieces is native Solidworks. Our prefered import format is parasolid (.x_t).
Stevens personnel are available to offer help in applying modular fixturing to your application.
- On-Site Training
CAD-based training is available for users doing modular fixturing the Stevens CAD Library. Conventional training is available for users planning and building modular setups on the factory floor.
- Standard Modular Fixturing
An increasing number of customers with "hard-to-hold" workpieces led us to develop many unique fixturing components, which resulted in numerous U.S. Patents. We are committed to maintaining our focus on product innovations and enjoy the challenges presented by new customer applications.
- Dedicated / Customized Fixturing
The Stevens Modular Fixturing System includes hundreds of components designed to make workholding faster and more accurate. At times you may require modular fixturing items other than our standard items. We have designed hundreds of special-purpose workholding components that are not shown in our catalog but may not work directly on your application. We can make modifications to our standard items or design specials to satisfy your requirements. Our factory is well equipped to handle all your modular fixturing needs.
Hydraulic Clamping Fixture.(faces removed to reveal internal gun-drilling)