Hydraulic Indexing Fixture

Hydraulic Indexing for HMC
  • Hydraulic and electrical connections thru the top mounted rotary coupler allow full 360° B-axis rotation.
  • Clamping pressure 5000psi / actuation pressure 1800psi.
  • 7 stations randomly selected with 4 M-codes, 8 M-codes for two pallet machines.
  • Each station defined with shimable hard stops and are held in position with 1000ft/lb torque.
  • Integrated PLC to operate rotation and stops with positive internal air pressure protect electronics.
  • 1-right and 1-left workpiece - 1-operation.
  • Fully hardened gears with extra surface hardness.
  • Large diameter thru shaft 7 ½” with rotary seal for clamping pressure.
  • Main Bearing 210mm pre-loaded cross roller
  • Workpieces are held in place with pre-clamp retension
  • With the 4” thick upright, the fixture sits on a 400mm pallet and fits within a 500mm swing with the workpieces in place.
  • The cutout in the upper right hand area of the fixture is to allow access to the backside of the workpieces.
  • Fixtures without the need for access to the backside of the part can have full 360° indexing using shortest distance
Images below: Front view with covers removed, Electronics

Hydraulic Indexing for VMC
  • Two stations defined by four shimable rest pads
  • Rest pads shielded by sheet metal guides and bellows (not shown)
  • Operated by M-code with 'at station' feedback or palm buttons
  • Full Stevens grid pattern
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders with 1100psi for actuation
  • Stations held in place with hydraulic pressure
  • Large 3" I.D.taper roller bearings for pivot
  • Optional front clamps and rear rail with carbide inserted grippers
  • This fixture has a relief slot in the table to clear a feature on the workpiece
  • The top surface is finish precision ground in assembly