Stevens Engineering 5000 psi. Rotary Coupler
Fanuc DDR

  • This hydraulic rotary coupler is rated at 5000 psi.
  • Able to withstand today's fast movements of Direct Drive Rotary Heads while at full clamping pressure.
  • Fits Fanuc OEM DDR
  • The end of the rotary coupler, or interface to your fixture is 6-ports equally spaced on a 25mm dia. bolt circle that are 5mm sub-flush from the rotary head spindle face.
  • The development of this coupler was due to the life expectancy of seals used in purchased couplers on some of our turn-key projects that could be as short as 6-months of use.
  • The history of seal life has been typiclly 18-months for this coupler with heavy use. Seals are field replacable or can be installed at the factory with a quick turn-around.
  • SAE No.4 ports for hydraulics or air.
  • Use with vaccuum is possible if seals for that circuit are installed in opposite direction.
  • For further details and other options, please call to discuss.
Heat is the enemy of seals in a rotary coupler. If your application requires 4 ports or less, two of the ports of this coupler can be used for a 'loop-back' circulating cooled oil or water/glycol mixture. To further extend the life of the seals.