Fourth Axis Fixturing

Stevens Engineering has designed and manufactured many different styles of trunnions. Some for dedicated setups and others which are adapable. Adapter plates underneath the rotary and tailstock can be made thicker to increase swing.

2 or 4 sided Trunnion with standard Stevens pattern for modular setups
Improve your 4th axis productivity with the Stevens Modular Approach. Stevens 4th axis accessories include 4-Sided Columns with standard hole pattern, Plain Columns, 2-Sided Angle Plates, and standard pattern Subplates to fit headstock faceplates.

Plain Trunnions
Trunnions are sized to fit your needs and lets you customize for the application. They range from smaller solid columns to larger welded construction.

2-sided with Dedicated Tooling Plates

Dropped Surface with Dedicated Tooling Plates
With the integrated Air over Hydraulic pump this trunnion hosts a range of dedicated tooling plates which have 5000psi clamping force. Clamp pressure or part presence confirmation is available.

Dedicated Trunnion
Trunnions can be customized to your application.

4-sided Unilock Trunnion
Each face un-clamps individually when in the 'up' position with one M-code with the specially designed rotary coupler. The turbo feature is common to all faces.

Large setup with over-weight workpieces
The part weight is supported by two pillow blocks. The pillow block at the Rotary end floats so it only take some of the weight off the bearings in the rotary.

Kurt Vise Trunnion
A Kurt vise was used as the main body of the trunnion, jaw tightening is done thru the center of the tail end support.

Mounted Vises
Three 2-station vises mounted to a trunnion. The adapter plate under the rotary is thicker to give more swing clearance.