Stevens Engineering Soft-BrickTM Vise
Robot Load End Effector


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  • The grippers are made of 6061 and like the SoftBrick can be machined at your facility or we can do it prior to shipping to accommodate your workpiece
  • Dual Grippers for fast part exchange
  • Attachment for moving and holding the Jaw Opener
  • Bottom plate is for indexing a tombstone

  • Let us design one to fit your application

Blank Gripper Jaws

  • .344" Max workpiece profile depth
  • Custom Jaw height available

Jaw Holding Fixture

  • This fixture can either bolt down to our subplate standard pattern using 2-bolts and 2-dowels or be held by a vise while machining your part profile
  • It holds the jaws in mid-travel (.125" away from the jaws touching)